There are many beautiful caves, which are open for visiting, in the Caucasus Mountains. But as to Sochi National park, Vorontsovskaya cave is considered to be the most interesting one in the area. It is located 15 kilometers to the north from Khosta.

It would be rather difficult to get to the Vorontsovskaya cave alone, you will have to go on foot very far. It would be simpler to go there either in your own car, or join a guided excursion. But in any case, you will have to go about 3 kilometers from the entrance of the reserve to the cave itself.

A path to the Vorontsovskaya cave goes through a relic forest, so this walk will be a pleasant one. At the entrance of the cave you can see the idols of pagan gods, and at the spring on the eminence near the cave – the figure of the Mother Earth. At the bottom you can see the hole of the Vorontsovskaya cave.

When you enter the cave, you get in the Prometheus Grotto. It reaches the length of 120 meters and has a rather steep downward incline. At the bottom of the grotto you can already see some small stalactites, although the most beautiful ones are in the other halls having no outlet to the outside.

As any other cave, the Vorontsovskaya cave has exceptionally pure air, as there are almost no bacteria there. At the bottom the visitors can see the two most beautiful halls: musical (it was called so because of a platform looking like a concert stage) and mystic (on the ceiling of this hall there are stalactites resembling an eagle, the devil and some other mystic figures). There is also the Pantheon Grotto with a giant stalagmite of several million years.

Near the entrance of the Vorontsovskaya cave, in one of its halls, you can see huge bones of pre-historic bears. Sometime the cave was inhabited by bears, and then there lived pre-historic people. You can see their site at the entrance of the cave.