Adler resort is one of the districts of the Greater Sochi. However, it has preserved the spirit of a resort settlement, so you can view Adler as the best resting place in the neighborhood of Sochi. Sochi airport is in Adler, and the road to the Krasnaya Polyana (Red Glade) is starting just there.

Sochi is a big city. It has restrained urban conditions and a lot of traffic. As a rule, the hotels of the central Sochi are located rather far from the beach. Contrarily, in Adler hotels and boarding-house are concentrated on a small territory near the sea. In the Soviet time the «resort complex «Adler» was built in the center of the settlement. Its buildings ‘Dolphin’, ‘Coral’, ‘Smena’ (Shift) and ‘Frigate-2011’ are located 100 meters from the sea.

In the center of Adler, near the river Mzymta, the railroad is going far from the sea, and not along the waterfront, as in many other resort settlements of the Greater Sochi, as well as in the neighborhood of Adler, which is stretched from the railway station of Adler to the river Kudepsta.

The historical center of Adler is located near the river Mzymta. There are many sanatoriums and boarding-houses of the Soviet period, as well as new hotels. As anywhere in Sochi, Adler has pebble beaches. The Park of «Southern Cultures» - one of the best rosaries on the Caucasian Coast, - is in Adler. On the area of 11 hectares are growing subtropical plants from all over the world.